Lodge of Research

Logo of the Lodge of Research

The Pennsylvania Lodge of Research is a unique occurrence in the history of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, as this is the first Lodge constituted within our Jurisdiction solely for the purpose of Masonic study.

Worshipful Master
Aaron R. White

Senior Warden
Larry D. Horath

Junior Warden
George R. Haynes

James L. Sieber, PM

Theodore W. Schick, Jr.

Senior Deacon
George F. Morrow

Junior Deacon
Drew R. Reed

Senior Master of Ceremonies
S. Robert Marziano

Junior Master of Ceremonies
Richard L. Wenner

Yasser A. Al Khatib

James E. Green

J. Matthew Seagrist

Marvin G. Speicher, RWPGT
Kevin L. Colledge
James E. Flemming
Thomas W. Jackson, RWPGS 2001
Paul D. Fisher 2002
James L. Sieber 2003
John W. Postlewait 2004
Theodore W. Schick 2005
William L. Kingsbury 2006
Charles S. Canning 2007
Rev. William D. Hartman 2008
Joseph F. Acton 2009
Kenneth J. Faub 2010
S. Eugene Herritt 2011
Albert L. Kappeler, Jr. 2012
Gerald J. Hamilton 2013
Robert L. Dluge, RWPGM
Thomas W. Jackson, RWPGS
David P. Mello, Jr.
Gerald W. West
Charles S. Canning, PM
James L. Sieber, PM
Theodore W. Schick, Jr.


The Pennsylvania Lodge of Research holds only two Stated Meetings each year, with Special Meetings to be held at the discretion of the Worshipful Master. Meetings are held at various Masonic sites throughout the Commonwealth. No Craft Degrees are conferred. The elected Worshipful Master does not receive “the Word of the Chair,” nor does he become a voting member of the Grand Lodge.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

  • Saturday, June 11, 2016 (Wellsboro, PA)
  • Saturday, December 10, 2016 (location TBA)
Information about the Craft in general is shared, and at least two research papers are presented, followed by discussion. Of course, good fellowship is also essential to the success of the Lodge of Research!

The Annual Meeting is held late in the year, at which the election and installation of officers is held. All Master Masons are welcome to attend.

Anyone, by invitation of the Master, may present. Brethren interested in submitting papers for possible presentation at future meetings of the Pennsylvania Lodge of Research, or who have Masonic queries they would like answered, should submit them to the Secretary.

Presenters are currently selected by the Master and Senior Warden. The incoming Master is expected to make a presentation of a research paper at the December meeting at which he is installed. Presenters do not have to be members of the Lodge of Research – they only must be invited to speak by the Master.


Although warranted by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, this Lodge will work differently than any other Lodge within the jurisdiction. This Lodge’s membership is divided into three categories: Full Member, Associate Member, and Fellow.

Full membership is extended to those who are members in good standing of a symbolic Lodge, constituted under the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

Associate membership is extended to Brethren who are members of a Lodge outside our Jurisdiction, which is recognized by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

Fellows are distinguished members, elected for their outstanding scholarship.

Membership in the Pennsylvania Lodge of Research does not constitute dual membership.

The Pennsylvania Lodge of Research provides an opportunity for Master Masons to study and share knowledge relating to unique aspects of our culture. Freemasonry represents a significant contribution to American history and our collective character.

Freemasonry poses many questions on a myriad of topical areas: philosophy, history, ritual and symbolism, to name a few. There are thousands of volumes written on Freemasonry and yet the depth of this subject has never quenched the desire for additional study.

As a member of the Lodge of Research, a Master Mason has the opportunity to meet with Masonic scholars from throughout the jurisdiction and to present his thoughts and research. Research papers will be presented at each meeting. Members also have the opportunity to become an officer of the Lodge of Research.

Through an organized Lodge of Research, a Master Mason may discover areas of interest in Masonic lore of which he may have been unaware. The members of the Lodge of Research also serve as resources for the exchange of ideas.

The Lodge provides an exposure to new ideas through meetings and published transactions, as well as information about unique and rare documents and publications.

Membership in the Lodge of Research is open to all Master Masons who are members of Lodges recognized by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

A PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader required) form-fill-in petition may be completed and printed by clicking here:

Petition For Membership

Completed applications should be sent to Bro. Theodore Schick, Secretary, at theodore.schick@gmail.com.

The joining fee is $75, and dues are $25 per year. Both fee and dues must accompany the completed petition. All members receive a Member’s Pocket Jewel and a Lapel Pin. Also, the Transactions of the Lodge of Research will be published and distributed to all members.


Pennsylvania Lodge of Research Logo

The medallion of the Pennsylvania Lodge of Research depicts a classical female allegorical figure holding a manuscript in one hand and a square and compasses in the other. The sunburst represents Enlightenment. Its symbolism is obvious in depicting the purposes of the Lodge of Research as sharing Masonic Light with others who are following a planned approach to personal character-building and self improvement, and to encourage an organized process of formal education of the Craft at large.


Pennsylvania Lodge of Research Regalia

The regalia of the Lodge of Research include a Member’s Jewel, which is worn in the suit coat breast pocket at Lodge of Research Meetings. The Charter members have a white stripe on their ribbon. It is not authorized for wearing at regular Lodge meetings.

Officers of the Lodge of Research have special aprons which they wear while in session. Burnt orange is the distinctive color authorized for use of the Lodge of Research.